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Maintaining appropriate oil temperature is key to extending the life of your vehicle’s engine. Your engine oil is specifically designed to operate within a certain temperature and pressure range, ensuring proper lubrication and reduced wear. When a vehicle is extensively modified or used in high stress driving conditions, it's easy to exceed the limits of your engine oil, resulting in reduced lubrication and higher potential for wear and damage. The simple addition of a performance oil cooler is an easy way to reduce temperatures and bring them back into the effective range for proper lubrication. Mishimoto engineers have designed this 34-row stacked-plate oil cooler to provide substantial heat transfer and reduced temperatures. This oil cooler includes eight universal mounting holes, providing an abundance of options for mounting on your vehicle. Each cooler includes -10AN inlet and outlet fittings, ensuring leak-free operation. Mishimoto 34-row oil coolers are available in silver, black, or gold powder coated finishes. Be sure to pair with our -10AN braided hoses and -10AN aluminum fittings to complete your oil cooler installation. As with all our products, this 34-row fluid cooler includes our Mishimoto Lifetime Warranty.