Precision Dynamics Crank Seal Guard (N5X/S55)

Precision Dynamics Motorsport

A common issue that we've seen on the N5X/S55 engine. We've seen the horror stories and even encountered drive belt failures. Most of the time, no severe damages caused. But in the rare case, we've seen them get sucked inside the engine by the front crankshaft seal. When this happens, you must remove the subframe to extract any belt debris that entered the engine. In severe cases, the belt may get stuck on the timing chain and thrown into the valve cover area. That means you have to pay for the labor of removing the valve cover and oil pan, to properly extract all remaining belt inside the engine. If driven after the failure or after only replacing the belt, the belt could clog up the oil pickup tube. With an completely clogged oil pickup tube, you'll starve the motor of oil. Which can cause catastrophic damages, requiring an engine replacement.


With this issue in mind, we've designed a crank seal guard, to protect the belt from entering the engine. Potentially saving thousands of dollars in repairs. Which we have performed here, at our shop prior. A simple, yet effective design to provide reassurance!


Vehicle Applications: N51/N52/N54/N55/S55